Candidates for
Fort Mill School Board

I think it is important for voters to educate themselves on all of the candidates. Below is a picture and brief summary of each candidate available on their facebook page or press release.

Andrew Markners

District Level Experience: 2018 Referendum Committee, 2018 Impact Fee Advocacy

Other School Volunteer Experience: SCES SIC 2010-2014, SCES PTO Treasurer 2011-2014, DBES SIC 2014-2017, DBES PTO Treasurer 2016-2018, BTMS PTO Treasurer 2017-Present

Since my son first started in kindergarten I have been involved with the schools, whether it be volunteering at the school, being a member of the PTO board, being on the School Improvement council, or most recently serving as a Co-Chair of the successful "Keep Our Schools Strong" Bond Referendum Committee.

I have met many great people along the way, and learned a lot. Fellow citizens, other parents, teachers, administrators, board members, county council members, city & town council members, and many more great people have helped form my views on our school district. I am fortunate to call most of them friends now.

My children have attended elementary school in one of the most diverse and financially challenged areas of our district, as well as one of the most affluent areas of our district.

Despite being the number one district in the state, we have many challenges. In order to maintain the quality we have today we are going to have to change and adapt as a district. Both our massive growth and the significant financial challenges we have will necessitate changing and adapting just to maintain the quality we have today. But I think we can do even better.

I don't have all the answers. I don't even have all the right questions. But the great thing is that's not what is going to make a great board member for our school district.

I have the willingness and ability to learn, the ability to debate and challenge, the ability to listen to other viewpoints, and perhaps most importantly, the ability to understand that a group of minds working together to find solutions is far greater than one mind.

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Andrew, Kristy, Kaleb, and Makenzy

Brian Murphy

District Level Experience: 2015 Referendum Committee

Other School Volunteer Experience: SIC

Murphy a Fort Mill native is married to Joy L. Murphy, a special education teacher at Gold Hill Elementary. They have two elementary-age children, who both attend Gold Hill Elementary. Brian Murphy and his family are actively involved at Forest Hill Church, Fort Mill campus. Murphy is a product of the Fort Mill School System, having graduated from Fort Mill High School in 1998. He went on to graduate from Winthrop University in 2002 with a bachelors in Business Administration. In 2008, Murphy earned his law degree from the University of South Carolina. Murphy returned to Fort Mill in 2010 and opened his law firm. He is an active member of the community, serving on the Board of Directors of the United Way of York County, the Board of Trustees of Fort Mill EMS, an active member of the Fort Mill Rotary Club, and a former member of the Board of Directors for the Foundation for Fort Mill Schools.

Celia McCarter

District Level Experience: Parent Liason Committee, District Wellness Committee CSHAC (Coordinated School Health Advisory Council), Foundation Board Member 2018

Other School Volunteer Experience: Misc SIC's and PTO's

McCarter is running for the School Board seat because she is concerned about managing growth while maintaining the rich history of high quality education that attracted her to the Fort Mill School district. She is concerned about being fiscally responsible with taxpayers’ money while providing the tools children need to be successful in a technologically sophisticated society. “I have been a strong supporter of our school board members and enjoyed serving with them on various district-wide committees.”

Celia is a graduate of the University System of Maryland with a bachelors degree in Mathematics and a concentration in Actuarial Sciences as well as a minor in Spanish. In 2007, she became a small business owner in Fort Mill where she teaches character education while building her student's self-confidence in all situations through improved social skills and soft skills.

Married over 20 years, her husband Phillip and she moved to Fort Mill in 2003. They are involved at Forest Hill Church's Fort Mill Campus and have 5 children who attend DBES, BTMS, NaFo and Clemson.

Christine Dayton

District Level Experience: None

Other School Volunteer Experience: PTO

I am the right choice for school board because of my strong leadership, communication and advocacy skills. My professional background in social work has helped me to develop these traits. I am a graduate of the University of Central Florida and worked with Mecklenburg County Department of Social Services until the birth of our first child. My commitment to our schools is also evident through hours of volunteer experience in the classrooms, in our schools, with our Parent Teacher Organizations and Associations and throughout the community.

Hazel Frick

District Level Experience: None

Other School Volunteer Experience: SIC & Library Volunteer

I would like to take this opportunity to talk about my goals in serving on the school board. Among other things, is to have a voice in helping maintain the high quality of our schools, which they are well known for. Our children deserve the best education possible while feeling and being safe at school as they are being prepared for future learning and life endeavors while loving school all along the way. Our district’s decisions MUST reflect, “Children First”! While educating our children, the teachers need to feel supported and represented.

Marianne Koehl

District Level Experience: None

Other School Volunteer Experience: None

We moved to Fort Mill four years ago after Michael was transferred to Charlotte by American Airlines. We have three daughters: Elizabeth, our oldest, is a rising Freshman at Nation Ford High School, plays saxophone in the marching band and is an avid equestrian; Katherine, a seventh grader at Banks Trail Middle School, plans to sing in chorus and act on stage; our youngest, Victoria, a fourth grader at Doby's Bridge Elementary School, is on the autism spectrum. When not in special education at school or therapy she loves to draw. Using my years of experience advocating for Victoria, I have worked as a dedicated Medicaid case manager, helping families of special needs children acquire much needed services in the community.

I am running for a seat on the Fort Mill School Board to make the FMSD even better FOR ALL. I fully support our educators and administrators, and I want them to have access to the resources they need to be their very best every day FOR ALL our students. My girls, especially Victoria, have taught and continue to teach me how to advocate for what they need to be successful. I hope to advocate FOR ALL children the way I have for my own. I feel this endeavor is a calling, and I look forward to this journey.

I have already begun investigating surrounding school districts and hope to bring some of their successful programs to FMSD, to make our district even better.

"I too voted no on the most recent bond referendum" - in response to a question from a constituent

Michele Branning

District Level Experience: 2013 Referendum Committee, Trustee 2014-Present

Other School Experience: PTO & SIC

I fully understand the importance of providing our youth a competitive education that prepares them for a global world and am committed to the tradition of maximizing student achievement while continuing to grow partners in education within our Fort Mill community and beyond.

Branning is an integral part of the community having served as President of the Fort Mill Rotary, was the 2016 & 2017 Rotarian of the Year; has served on a variety of boards including The United Way, is an active Member of the state Legislative committee for the South Carolina School Board Association and served as Vice-Chair of the School Board Trustees 2017-18.

Terrin Boddie

District Level Experience: None

Other School Experience: None

My name is Terrin Boddie and I am running for Fort Mill School Board Trustee. First I would like to thank the current Board for all the hard work they have done. The issues I am running on is our tremendous growth, finding a way to keep federal funding while providing meals our children will eat, and our budget. I feel qualified for this position because as a mother of 8, a former business owner and an excellent negotiator, I have what it takes to meet budget and get the things our children and educators require. When elected I would value each and every comment and concern from our community and educators, and work my hardest to respond respectfully and honestly.

I believe we need a forensic audit done for at least the last 14 years. Do you know where the money goes? I for one do not believe what Dr. Epps is telling the community.

Wayne Bouldin

District Level Experience: 2008 Referendum Committee, Trustee 2009-Present

Other School Experience: SIC

I am excited to announce that I am running for a third term on the Fort Mill Schools Board of Trustees. It has been an honor to serve, and I would like to continue the tradition of excellence that the Fort Mill School District strives to achieve and our students deserve. As a 28-year resident of our district, parent of two teachers in the district, and grandparent of two students, I have a vested interested in our schools. I would like to see that our tax dollars are used efficiently to educate our children, maintain our property values, and make sure we continue putting “Children First Every Day”.

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